Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Sparkling Snow — Icebergs on the beach — Car Spinning on the Ice

A House is a House is a House.  But, on Cape Cod your house is also a Destination – your place to enjoy the Cape Cod Lifestyle.  When you dream about Cape Cod you imagine swimming and sunning on beautiful, warm beaches. Or, sailing and kayaking and fishing on glorious Spring – Summer – Fall days.

But, I’ll tell you a secret.  There is nothing as beautiful as a sunny morning on Cape Cod after a snow storm − when Cape Cod is transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland.  Snow doesn’t last long here so you’ve got to enjoy the magic in the moment.

This slideshow features Cape Cod SNOW pictures from every town on Cape Cod. Don’t miss the once-in-a-lifetime pictures of Icebergs in Truro. Go through these pictures slowly and take in the beauty of Cape Cod after a snow storm. Florida? WHY? CLICK on the picture below to see all the pictures of Cape Cod, the Winter Wonderland.

The video vignette below tells the story of one very special winter day on Cape Cod.  A day when extremely rare conditions and fortuitous fate combined to give me the ride of a lifetime.  CLICK on the picture below to join me as I go round and round and round …

Car Round & Round

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The snow started falling Saturday morning – and it snowed and snowed all day and through the night.

I awoke Sunday morning and the snow had stopped, the sun was out, and the power too.  Outside was a bright and white winter wonderland.

On Cape Cod, sunny, shining snow doesn’t last long. So, as soon as I shoveled my car out I drove off to take Winter Wonderland pictures.

My third stop was at Hardings Beach in Chatham – right on Nantucket Sound.  Hardings Beach has two parking lots. The sun had already melted the snow where people drove in.  But, the rest of Lot 1 was covered with about a foot of snow – and some high drifts.

I wanted to go to Lot 2.  And, I saw some tire tracks through the snow.  I had an SUV so I thought I try it.  And, I made it into Lot 2 and drove to the far end.  When I looked back I was amazed.  No Snow!  The wind must have blown it all away.  What was left was an inch of ice covering the entire lot.

I came here to take some pictures, and the trail that winds through the dunes – all the way to the light house – was simply beautiful.

When I got back to my car I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was a car spinning on the ice.  I was mesmerized.

I thought to myself, “That’s probably some guy in college home for the weekend – I hope he doesn’t crash into something.”  Then I saw the car coming toward me – and I ducked behind my car just in case.

But, when the car stopped, two young women got out. The passenger asked me if I wanted to go for a “spin.”  I couldn’t resist.

You’ve got to watch the video to hear the roar of the spinning car and my conversation with Carol, the driver.

If anyone watching this knows Carol or her friend tell them to watch this on my YouTube Channel: Cape Real Bill