Cape Real Bill Details

Cape Real Bill is a multi-page web site – a network of information about Cape Cod and the Cape Cod real estate market.

Key elements of Cape Real Bill are its Hub Pages. Currently they are: CapeRealBill – CapeRealHomes – House Web Sites – CapeRealReports – and CapeRealLife.  Each Hub page is dedicated to a specific kind of information that is important and useful to you – and hopefully fun too. All the Hubs pages are self-similar.  When you go to a new Hub it will look familiar – and you already know how it works.

Another key feature of Cape Real Bill is that every Hub page (including the house web site pages) has a short, built-in Preview Slideshow. This unique feature provides you with an overview of the information available on that HUB page. If you are a frequent visitor to that Hub page then just look at the first few slides to see what’s NEW.

Summary of key pages:

Cape Real Bill: This is my Home page and is also called This page is dedicated to giving you an overview of the entire web site. It’s slideshow previews all the Hub pages and functions of the site. There is also a video tour of the site.

Homes:  dedicated to House Web Sites.  Each House Web Site is really a Hub page. It hosts all the information about a specific property.  These house web sites are much more than just a virtual tour.  They are the primary source of all the information about a property. All have links to a high-quality, complete slideshow about the property (typically 60 – 120 slides). Many have links to a lifestyle brochure that you can read on line as an E-Magazine.  All have links to other information about the property.

Reports: the home of my in-depth video reports on the Cape Cod real estate market.  These include full reports on 14 different market indicators – plus quarterly update reports on Price and Sales. A popular report compares investments in Cape Cod real estate with an investment in a Dow Jones Average.  These reports are free and you do not have to sign up for anything to view them.

Life: the place to find multi-media tours of interesting and fun places and things to do that define the destination lifestyle of Cape Cod.  These include: beaches, excursions, harbors, villages, etc.

Guide: this is the next Hub planned.  The goal of this Hub is to help Buyers and Sellers understand and succeed at the process of buying and selling Real Estate.  It will feature a map of the entire real estate process.  Each step in the process will be explained from the point of view of both the buyers and the sellers.  Each side will know what the other side is thinking and doing.

HELP:  is a special Hub that is the home of several short videos that show you how to use various tools that I use to present information. Even experience computer users may find these helpful in learning all the features of a tool. And, there is also a link here to the video tour of the site.

MLS SEARCH:  CapeRealBill also allows you to  do your own search for listings. You do not have to sign up for anything unless you want to search using the full RLS2000 Property Finder site – which will send you an email whenever your search criteria has a new match. When I work with serious buyers I always set them up with a Cape MLS Client Portal. Buyers always love it — and some sellers want one too.

ABOUT BILL: web designers and social media experts all say that a real estate web site like this should provide the view with information about the agent, i.e., me.  This page is dedicated to this info.  You may look at any and all and none of it. If it is useful in helping  you decide if you want to work with me as to sell or buy a house, then good.  If it is just T.M.I. then just move on to other useful information on this site.

CONTACT:  This page provides you with several ways to contact me.

BLOG:  I use this blog to announce new and updated information. Its primary focus is on the video market reports. Occasionally I will post a commentary on the Cape Cod real estate market. If you want to receive these announcements and information you should subscribe to the blog. Go to the BLOG page. You can opt out at any time.

Again, welcome to CapeRealBill, and thank you for visiting my web site.

Bill Silver