Quantum Leap in House Lifestyle eMagazines

Quantum Leap in House Lifestyle eMagazines

A blog post last September focused on the fun of page-flipping an interactive eMagazine.  That sample eMagazine was adapted from a house Lifestyle Brochure that was designed to be printed and bound – and handed out to selected prospects.

This post features a new version of that eMagazine – a version that I believe is a quantum leap forward for house lifestyle eMagazines.  The pictures and text in both versions are virtually identical.  But the new version was reformatted to take full advantage of the two-sided facing pages available in flippable eMagazines.  Now, all the pictures are bigger – and all the text is larger.  Many of the pictures are a stunning two pages wide.

To view this new eMagazine CLICK on the picture below:

35 Shore Road 09

As a result of this transformation the original 30 page eMagazine now has 82 pages.  If you just look at the pictures you can still flip through the entire eMagazine in a few minutes.  To read all the text will still only take 10 – 12 minutes.  Many say that that’s too long.  I agree that it’s too long for almost everyone – but not the target audience.  I talked with a number of people who were the target audience for different listings, and they told me that they did read the entire eMagazine, and they did watch the entire 8-10 minute virtual tour.  In fact, they did it more than once – some  every day.  And, their family and friends did too.  Who are these people?   Simply put, they’re the people who actually want to buy the house.  My Lifestyle eMagazines are for them.

To view all the available information about this property go to its house web site. You can Google: 35 Shore Road — or CLICK:

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