The Q1 DiP — Smart Buyers Do the DiP and get a Deal on Cape Cod real estate.

The  Q1  D-i-P

phenomenon of the Cape Cod real estate market!

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Tracking the Q1 DiP over the last 10 years.

Pat:  Honey, I got a call today from our accountants.  They looked at our finances and said that we are now ready to buy a house on Cape Cod.

Fran:  Pat dear, that’s great!  I dream every night about owning a house on the Cape.  Let’s call our Cape buyer agent and set up some showings for Friday.

Pat:  Gee Fran, that’s Black Friday. Don’t we need to start our holiday shopping?  I think we can get a deal on the new QX10.

Fran:  But… we need to start our house search now.

Pat:  Why?  Can’t we wait until after our ski trip in January?

Fran:  No dear!  If we wait until then we’ll miss the Q1 DiP.  Let’s watch this video report and learn all about The Q1 Dip.

Dip Video copy

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