Hit Story of New Listing 21410028

The True Hit Story of Listing 21410028

What actually happens when your house goes on the market?

It starts the instant your listing agent hits the SUBMIT BUTTON on Cape Cod MLS. You want agents and buyers to see your new listing, and they start getting “Hits” right away. This Video Report tells the true Hit Story of a Harwich Port listing during its first 30 days. It’s pretty much what will happen to your listing.

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Text for this report:

New Listing

At 8:00 AM, Wednesday, October 29th – I clicked the Submit Button for a new listing on Cape Cod & Islands MLS.  Listing 21410028 was born for 132 Gilbert Lane, Harwich Port.  This video report tracks the Hit Story for the first 30 days of this listing.

First Seconds

Within seconds of my clicking the submit button this new listing appeared on the MLS Hot Sheet – which is available to all Cape Cod agents.  Also, many agents automatically receive notification and emails telling them about this new listing – because it was a match for one of their saved searches.

Agent Hit History

Within 4 hours this listing had 44 agent hits.  After 8 hours the total was 74.  After 24 hours 114.  And, after 1 week: 162 – and 231 at the end 30 days.

% of Hits

Certainly, other listings may have more or less hits than this one.  What’s really important is the % of hits over time.  At the end of 4 hours almost 1/5th of all the hits for the month had already happened.  At the end of only 8 hours the hit count was almost 1/3rd of the total.  After just the first day this listing already had almost half of its monthly total.  And, after one week more than 2/3rds.  The takeaway here is that most Agent Hits happen very early in the lifetime of a listing.

Client Hits

Clients are also notified when a new listing is a match for one of their saved searches.  When they click on the listing it’s recorded as a Client Hit.

At the end of 30 days this listing had 56 Client hits.  8 hits, equaling 14% of the total, occurred in the first 8 hours.  13 hits, comprising 24% of the total, occurred in the first day.  And, 31 hits, more than have of the total, occurred in the first week.

At the 10 day mark this listing went under agreement, and its status was changed from Active to Contingent.  It is not clear what affect this had on Agent or Client hits.

Although not as dramatically front-end loaded as agent hits, most of the Client Hits also happen very early in the lifetime of this listing.


As soon as your listing goes live, MLS starts to share your listing’s information with dozens of real estate web sites.  It does this via IDX and Syndication.

But, even before your listing goes live on MLS it’s already alive on the Internet.  To see for yourself, try this:  Google your own house address.  You’ll be surprised what you find.

Before #21410028 went live I Googled its address and got 5 hits, including: the Google Map for this address, and the dedicated house web site that I had created for this listing – with its own .com domain name.

Real Estate Web Sites

I selected 14 real estate web sites that I thought were relevant on Cape Cod.  Of course, there are many more than 14.

After the listing had been live for 1 hour I searched each of these 14 sites to see if this listing was now on that site.  I found 3 more sites that had this listing.  After 8 hours I searched for this listing again – and found it on 3 more web sites.  And, after 24 hours I found it on yet 3 more web sites.  My last search was at the 36 hour mark when I then found this listing on Trulia and Zillow.  Note, Zillow (and Trulia) have just signed a new agreement with Cape Cod MLS that will allow them to get direct IDX feeds from Cape Cod MLS.  Not sure now when this goes into affect.  But when it does their upload and refresh times will equal that of Realtor.com


At the end of the 30-day watch period I did one last test.  I googled the listing’s address.  There were 2.8 million hits.  Note: if you Google an address once, and then again, and then again – you are likely to get different results each time.

Web sites want to be seen by a Google searcher, so placement in the hit list report is crucial.  The ideal is to be found above-the-fold on Page 1.

For this search the Page 1 fold was really in thirds.  There were 2 hits in the top third of Page 1.

  • Google Maps.com
  • 132GilbertLane.com

There were 4 hits in the middle third of Page 1.

  • BhhsNEproperties.com
  • NewEnglandMoves.com
  • Trulia.com
  • Raveis.com

And, 4 more hits in the bottom third.

  • Zillow.com
  • Estately.com
  • Hotpads.com
  • YouTube.com  (VT Video)

Unlike many Googlers, I did look at Page 2.  Here are the Page 2 hits.

  • Re/Max.com
  • Weichert.com
  • PropertyShark.com
  • Properwise.com
  • HomeSnap.com
  • DavenportRealty.com
  • HarwichHomesForSale.com
  • PhractalPhotos.com (VT Slideshow)

Like most Googlers, I didn’t look at Page 3 or any of the other 200,000 plus pages.

On a very happy note, the most important web page for this listing – its own web site – was the #2 hit.  I was also very pleased to see that the listing’s YouTube Virtual Tour video made it onto Page 1 – and that it’s Virtual Tour Slideshow made it onto Page 2.


There are 2 really important Takeaways from this report.

Sellers:  Going on the market – essentially, going live on MLS – before your listing is ready – is a BIG Mistake.

Buyers:  If you are interested in a property – Google its address.  You might find its own, dedicated house web site – like 132GilbertLane.com.  It will always have much more information about the property than any other web site. Even if there is no such web site you can see all the real estate web site choices you have and find the one that presents the most and best info about the house you are interested in.