Cape Real Life Details

This Hub page is dedicated to providing you with multi-media tours of great places and fun things to do on Cape Cod. There are only two now but more are coming. Now working on a whale watch trip out of Provincetown and a Winter Wonderland Tour.

Bass River
This tour starts at the mouth of Bass River where it flows into Nantucket Sound at Bass River Beach. We will travel up the river, first on the Yarmouth side. Past Windmill Park and the Ship Shops marina and to the other side of the Bass River bridge. We will go as far up river as the landings at Aunt Julia Ann’s Road and Cove Road. Then we will head back down the river on the Dennis side to the Bass River Marina in Horse Foot Cove. We will stop by West Dennis Yacht Club and take a good long look at the wonderful West Dennis Beach.

Forest Beach
Down at the end of Forest Beach Road in Chatham is the enchanting ecological wonder – a barrier beach known as Forest Beach. This tour takes you to Mill Creek Landing and Overlook Park where you can see panoramic views of the entire beach area. From there we’ll walk down to the beach. The beach is about a half mile long and has 5 coves. The cove nearest the entrance always has the most people. But as you walk east to the 2nd and 3rd coves and beyond you see fewer and fewer people. At the end you come to a jetty marking the entrance to Mill Creek. Both sides of the creek are beautiful and a definite attraction to lucky neighbors on the east side and hardy walkers on the west side. The tour takes you on a walk back along the trail on the other side of the dunes. You’ll get a close-up view of Osprey nests sitting atop the remnants of the abandoned Radio Station that protected our coast during World War II. This tour certainly does not replace actually being there yourself – so I sincerely hope it entices you to put Forest Beach on your list of amazing Cape Cod places to visit.