Bill Silver Homes Details

Each house web sites has their own Virtual Tour Slideshow.   All the slides use very high quality pictures shown in full-screen HD on a professional photo album site.  These slideshows make extensive use of floor plans, plot plans, and maps which orient the viewer to what they are seeing as they virtually walk about the house and around the property.  Depending on the size of the house  —  and the neighborhood  —  these Virtual Tour Slideshows will have from
50 to 130 slides.

Many of my house web sites also have a Lifestyle Brochure.  These brochures do more than just present the house, they make an emotional connection with the viewer and help them “ feel ”  what it would be like to actually live in this house.  They are viewed using an exciting new tool  —  eMags  —  full-screen, double-page, on-line magazines that the viewer can flip through like a real magazine.  They have a Table of Contents that allows you to go directly to a page  —  and the plan pages have special buttons that take you to the page of a selected room or outside area.  I also print these brochures, have them professionally bound, and hand them out to prospective buyers.

Coming soon:  the next step in the evolution of house virtual tours  —  fully integrated, multi-media tours that incorporate video, voice, panning and zooming pictures, animation, and interactive navigation.

Each property is different, and the information provided is customized for the house.  However, typical information available on my house web sites includes:

  • Area Virtual Tours
  • Listing Sheet
  • Floor and Plot Plans
  • Field Cards
  • Neighborhood Tax Assessment Data
  • Deeds
  • Septic Plans / Reports
  • Local Schools & Libraries
  • Google Map

To date, all my house web sites have been first page Google hits – and most are the #1 hit.  One of my house web sites had more than 1,000 visitors.  In two cases, the buyers actually agreed to an Offer to Purchase Contract before they ever saw the house.  They made their buy decision based on what they saw on the house’s web site.  Several buyers told me that they looked at all the pictures and other information over and over —  as had their family and friends.

I believe that providing a great house web site is the most important thing that any real estate agent can do to market your house. Don’t you think your house deserves all this?