The short Welcome Video allows me to actually talk to you about the most important things you may want to know. It has a short history of my 2 careers as a Software Engineer/Manager and as a real estate agent.  I also share the Values, Mission and Goals that are important to me as a real estate agent. And, I preview the excellent information that I share on my web site.

The Software Quality Resume provides a complete history of my 40+ year career as software engineer, software testing and customer service manager, and as a software test/quality consultant.  This includes the period where I was the founder and editor of Software Quality World magazine. This experience allows me to create on-line eMagazines for my listings.  Go to my Cape Real Homes page and look at 35 Shore Road for an example of a house eMag.

The real estate Bio provides an overview of my second career as a real estate agent.

This About page also includes a series of personal Vignettes. These are short stories about a wide variety of life moments. Some are recent, some happened a long time ago. Some are emotional, some are instructive, some may even be funny. All of them are real.

My logo represents an amazing fractal that has inspired discoveries and useful applications in many areas of the real world. It inspired me to formulate my original real estate Saleability Index — which is the most important thing all sellers need to know about real estate.

I was invited by host Rick Scherer to be a guest on his Real Estate Radio Boston show that aired on August 23, 2014 on WBZ radio 1030.  It was a fun experience. The link for this takes you to a video that is really a podcast of this show.  There are two versions: the complete show (4 segments) — and just my segment.

As a real estate agent I use many tools to help my sellers and buyers.  Many are computer tools, several are photographic tools.  These tools help me provide lots of information to my buyers and sellers.  And, they allow me to develop unsurpassed marketing material for a listing.

Thanks for your interest.